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Articles by Charlie Reid

Due_Diligence_Article_March07.pdf (508KB)Serious Tire Kicking for Sizing Up the Shop Floor from the Mergers &
Acquisition Journal April 2007(file size: 508KB).  A thorough overview of the elements of Operational Due Diligence and the process of identifying operational risk factors in target companies.

ManufacturingPhilosophies101.pdf (424KB)Manufacturing Philosophies 101 (file size: 424KB).
A Review of six of the most commonly seen Operations Management approaches including things to look and listen for to identify which one(s) your target uses (or says they use).

Due_diligence_in early_stage_companies.pdf (365KB)Due Diligence in Early Stage Companies from the Mergers & Acquisition Journal June 2007(file size: 365KB).  A Venture Capitalist oriented overview of the unique challenges associated with conducting technical/operational due diligence in early stage/emerging technology companies. 


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Charlie Reid & Associates Brochure (file size: 184KB)

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