What We Have Done

We have helped hundreds of clients identify and manage operational risks and make better investment decisions. Outlined below are a few of the projects we've worked on and the kinds of support we provided. In each we evaluated manufacturing risks and threats, and identified opportunities and improvement strategies. In some cases we helped to implement needed operational change. More detailed reviews of these and other projects are available on request:

Operational Due Diligence

  • Steelmaking Facility - Evaluated reasonability of projected CAPEX requirements and adjusted where necessary (8 days)
  • Automotive Stamping Company - Comprehensive operational due diligence study of a five plant operation (15 days)
  • Consumer Product Plastic Injection Moulding Company - Evaluated claimed technical advantages of a multi plant operation (6 days)


Problem File Evaluations

  • Automotive Compression Moulder - Evaluated viability (10 days)
  • Food Processing Operation - Evaluated reasonability of a potential secondary capital injection (4 days)


Board Driven Operational Issues

  • Consumer Products Company (public) - Evaluated launch problems in a mission critical new plant start up for a high end, high volume seasonal product and introduced the changes needed to meet deadlines (10 days followed by 16 weeks of implementation)
  • Auto Parts Company (public) - Assessed the launch readiness of a 1,000,000 sq ft green-field facility launching state of art production technology (15 days)