How Charlie Reid & Associates is Different

Our unique combination of skills, background, and experience creates a frame of reference that is uncommonly broad, covering all strategic areas of enterprise operational execution. Our ability to integrate our insight across both financial and operational disciplines is particularly relevant to the financial investor. We bring the following to the due diligence:

  • A Focus on Mid Market Manufacturing
    Most investors work in this space. The vast majority of our manufacturing consulting experience has been in mid sized manufacturing companies. We understand both the dynamics of and demands facing these companies and the typical points of organizational failure they experience.
  • Direct Industry Experience
    We have a solid foundation of real life operational experience. We have worked in every major manufacturing discipline and at all levels from the shop floor to the board room. Our operational perspective is real not contrived.
  • Exposure to Hundreds of Production Technologies
    Over the course of his consulting career Charlie Reid has worked in literally hundreds of manufacturing environments. There simply aren’t very many production technologies that he has not seen at some point and many that he has seen often. This expands Charlie’s relevance to a very broad range of manufacturing situations.
  • Leading Operational Thinking
    Charlie was a Partner and global subject matter expert in Ernst & Young's manufacturing consulting practice. As such he has had extensive exposure to the leading thinking in enterprise operational effectiveness through that firm's global manufacturing network.  We see beyond the usual due diligence boundaries into other strategic operational areas, such as New Product Development, Intellectual Property/Knowledge Management, operational connectivity etc.
  • Corporate Finance Advisory Experience
    We have worked with investors and sellers in advisory capacities for years. We understand what investors want to know and why.
  • Corporate Recovery Advisory Experience
    We have conducted many recovery and viability reviews over the years;  Largely for clients in “Special Loans” files or potential Insolvency cases.

Individually none of the above are remarkable. In combination however, our breadth of experience provides the financial investor with unmatched enterprise level perspective in minimizing risk.